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A semi-permanent tattoo technique; eyebrow microblading mimicks lifelike brows by creating hairlike strokes to redefine shape, fill in sparseness and build density. The process is comprised of implanting customised pigment beneath the surface of the skin, in turn producing the appearance of low-maintenance, polished, fuller and sweat/water proof brows that instantly enhance the natural features of the face.

Sanctum Brows is a cosmetic tattoo studio specializing in Microblading, located in sunny Miami, Florida. Our mission is to provide a high quality experience in a professional and comfortable studio that you’ll soon find to be your new Brow Sanctuary. We take pride in the meticulous and detailed process of Microblading realistic hair strokes one by one to create the most natural looking brow suited to your individual features.

For owner and artist, Madison Grossfeld, there is no better feeling than being able to help women feel good about themselves and gain confidence. She helps clients with alopecia, chemo patients who have lost hair, people with surgery scars, burns, previous permanent cosmetics gone wrong, over plucked 90’s brows, the list goes on! Cosmetic tattooing can be truly life changing for women (and men!)

Say bye to those over plucked brows, and hello to the new you!


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